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SCHOOL PLAYSM (SP): assists sixth through eighth grade student-athletes succeed in middle school via ACT and SAT preparation to develop the requisite ability for admission to an Advanced Placement (AP) and/or International Baccalaureate (IB) high school.

COLLEGE PLAY:SM (CP): provides ninth through twelfth grade student-athletes with the support to be successful in high school, and develop a competitive advantage of leverage for admission into, and gain the aptitude to succeed at an Ivy League caliber institution (e.g. Dual-Enrollment, ACT, SAT, CLEP preparation and scholarship).

WEEKEND PLAYSM (WP): provides high school students with the guidance and supplemental support to successfully complete the Dual-Enrollment process and obtain college-level academic credit, as well as, workforce integration, career development and personal finance.

GAMETIME PLAYSM (MP): concurrently with the SP, BP, and WP, provides all Players with exposure to the structure, and behind the scene careers of the sports and entertainment industry via spectacle and/or experiential learning.

BRIDGE PLAYSM (BP): concomitantly with the SP, provides all Players with a cultural enrichment opportunity to travel throughout, but not limited to, the Americas for exposure of introjections of our globally competitive world and obtain linguistic training, as well as, play competitive basketball games.

HEALTH PLAYSM (HP): in tandem with the BP, provides all Players with experiential development via various technological aspects of health care in medical, and college milieus throughout the Americas, which is intended to build confidence in applied science and prevent summer break learning loss, as well as, play competitive sports.

PALLADIUM PLAYSM (PP): provides recent high school graduates, student-athletes, an opportunity to postpone their NCAA Five Year Clock to improve academic skills, athletic profile via CLEP, ACT, and SAT preparation, and corrective exercise training for better leverage in search of a full-athletic and/or academic scholarship.

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